Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and adhering to Government guidelines, Warwick Auctions Ltd have postponed all auctions and related services until further notice.

This decision has been taken for the safety and well-being of staff members, our clients and the general public. We will be monitoring Government guidelines on this current issue and will resume normal service once it is safe to do so.
Warwick Auctions appreciates your understanding and support during these difficult times.

Reveal the True Value of Your Antiques

Trust Experience to Discover the Hidden Value in Your Possessions.

Hidden in your attic and tucked in the corners of your home are possessions that may hold real value for you. Now you can reveal the true antique value of those inconspicuous objects and family heirlooms with a Warwick Auctions antique appraisal today.

Experts across all types of antiques, Warwick Auctions can peel back the mystery of your antiques and allow you to discover just what they may be worth. From an initial appraisal to auction room sale, our auction rooms will look after the value of your antiques every step of the way.


Value from Home to Auction Room

You choose where each antique’s value is revealed. Warwick Auctions are happy to travel to homes across the West Midlands to bring our expertise to collectors who are curious to know what their possessions are really worth.

Alternatively, you can visit us in our auction rooms in person with your antiques. Warwick Auctions is conveniently located in Coventry, and you can receive a no obligation verbal or written antique appraisal anytime from 9 am to 3 pm every Thursday. Contact us for more information.


No Obligation Valuation

Curious to know an antique’s value but not ready to sell? No problem.

Warwick Auctions offer a no obligation antique appraisal service. Whether you choose to release the value of your antique immediately, or would rather wait a little longer, our experts will always respect your decision.

We understand that the sale of any antique is an entirely personal decision, with factors aside from the monetary value. Warwick Auctions are here to support your choice with professionalism and compassion, whatever you choose to do.


A Value Beyond Money.

Reassurance over your family’s future is provided by Warwick Auctions through our comprehensive probate and valuation service. Let your antiques bring you a value beyond money, for whatever the future brings.

Probate valuations with Warwick Auctions offer peace of mind with a trusted probate service carried out by experienced professionals. When you need to begin planning for your family’s future, or the present of your possessions, trust Warwick Auctions’s antique appraisal as the first step to future security.

Ask Warwick Auctions to reveal the value in your possessions today with a no obligation antique appraisal.


Phone or email Warwick Auctions today and discover the true value of your possessions