Warwick Auctions bring seventy years of experience to every auction room sale. If there is value to

discover in your possessions, our auctioneers will help you reveal it, and get you the best price in an

auction room sale.


Revealing the Hidden Value of Your Possessions

You may be sitting on real treasure right now and not even realise it. In your home, you may have

antiques, furniture, and other items of real value that buyers are waiting to pay a good, honest price

for. Let Warwick Auctions show you the potential in your possessions.


We offer honest and reliable valuations for your items with no obligation to sell. With our specialist

experience and local knowledge, we have brought value to our client’s goods for many years.


Whether we are bringing you value for your antiques or calling a furniture auction, you can trust our

auctioneers to get you the best price for your valued items.


Honest Experience Pays When Selling Antiques

Experience matters when it comes to value, and none are more experienced than our auctioneers

with a combined experience stretching back for decades in general and specialist auctions.


Without your trust, Warwick Auctions would not be your established local auction house. It is on a

foundation selling of antiques for their true value time and again that our auctioneers, and you,



Hassle-Free House Clearances

Choosing what to do with the possessions of loved ones is much more than a practical decision. Our

auctioneers are part of a comprehensive and compassionate house clearance service. We hold

specialist house clearance auctions to ensure the process is simple and hassle-free, and you receive

the true value of the possessions.


Phone or email Warwick Auctions today and discover the true value of your possession