Our final auction sale this year is on Wednesday 19th December at 10:00am. We will be open for viewing on Tuesday 18th December from 9:00am-4:30pm

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any more entries for auction this year. Please bring your items in on Thursday 3rd January 2019 between 9:00am - 4:30pm
All the staff at Warwick Auctions wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank you for your custom throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Services from Warwick Auctions of Coventry

From antique auctions to house clearance services in Coventry and beyond, Warwick Auctions provide comprehensive auction house services to ensure you find the true value in your possessions. If you are selling your antiques, want an antique appraisal or are looking to buy at auction, contact Warwick Auctions today.

Buying at an Auction House.

Buy antiques in Coventry through our auction rooms. With live auctions including listings of antique furniture, antiques and collectibles, our lively, professional and welcoming auction rooms are the ideal place to buy your next antiques.

If you are new to auction houses, we support you throughout the process of your first auctions to ensure that you buy the right antiques for you.

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Selling Antiques.

At Warwick Auctions, you’ll find the easiest and most valuable way of selling your antiques in Coventry. From antique auctions to furniture auctions, you’ll find the right buyers for your possessions in our auction houses.

Our experienced auctioneers guide you from your antique’s appraisal, in one of our auction houses or as part of our house clearance services, to our transparent and easy-to-follow antique auctions.

Antique Appraisals and Valuations.

With over 70 years’ combined experience in antiques appraisals, you can trust our valuations to bring you the true value of your possessions. Learning what your antique furniture or collectibles are worth is the first step too releasing their monetary value for you now, or your family in the future with our trusted probate service.

Request a Warwick Auctions free, no obligation antique appraisal today.

House Clearance Services

At Warwick Auctions, we understand that your a house clearance is also a home clearance, with values that stretch beyond money. We ensure that our house clearance service is always efficient and respectful as well as professional and personal.

Warwick Auctions offer antique appraisals and valuations to ensure the true value of your possessions is released. Our experienced auction house staff guide you through the whole process of selling your antiques, from your home to our auction rooms.

Trusted Probate

Provide for your loved ones’ futures through Warwick Auctions’ trusted probate service in Coventry. With over 30 years’ specialised experience in probate valuation, our experts bring you peace of mind, whatever the future brings.

Our auction houses take personal care of each enquiry, offering comprehensive probate services from antiques appraisals to insurance valuations of your estate. We provide for commercial and private clients across Coventry Andy beyond.

Phone or email Warwick Auctions of Coventry today and discover the true value of your possessions.